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    Our Business
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     Shenzhen Flexmetal Industrial Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer making high precision sheet metal, machining and electronic assembly products. Shenzhen Flexmetal Industrial Co,.Ltd was established in Sep 2000, located in Gongming Shenzhen, with a total area of 10000㎡ and 300 employees, which providing convenient service for customers in South China.

       Shanghai FLEXTECH Technology Co.,Ltd was founded in Mar 2016 as subsidiary, with an area of 5500㎡ and 50 employees,which adding sample development and carbon fiber business based on original business to support clients in East China.

     Flexmetal started making simple sheet metal parts at the beginning. Through years growing up, Flexmetal also makes cabinet assembly, machining parts, tooling, and surface treatment besides sheet metal production. Our products are widely applied to telecommunication,medical, aerospace, new energy, and rail transportation industries.

      High quality products rely on advanced equipments. Flexmetal has AMADA laser cutting machines (AMADA& PRIMX) and NTC punching machines (AMADA & PRIMX), three axis CNC machine, MAZAK/I600 5 Axis machining, MAZAK/I600 6 Axis turn-mill combination, automation painting line,and Panasonic Robot welding machine, CMM etc.

      Flexmetal is certified in many territories to meet customers' requirements from various countries and industries.

     Our rapid and sustainable development depends on our excellent manufacturing capability, strict quality system and efficient talent management, customer-oriented concept and harmonious cultural environment.



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