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    Flexmetal attended AIX2017

         2017.4.4-4.6,Flexmetal team went to Germany to participate in AIX2017, it was the first timethat our company attended this exhibition, booth number2U79.

         AIX (AircraftInteriors Expo) provided an excellent communication opportunity for exhibitorsin cabin interior industry. During the 3 days of exhibition, we discussed howto promote profit growth and technological innovation. In addition, we all got togetherto solve some key industry issues, for example: how to save the weight of interiormaterials, and talked about the interior designs and renovation methods ofefficient space.

          In the exhibition,we have exhibited a variety of precision metal structural parts and components ofaircraft interiors, which are applied to the aircraft's IFE (airborneentertainment facilities), lighting, chairs and other fields. Our mechanicalprocessing level received high attention of many domestic and foreign airlinecompanies. Moreover, our company is already a certified enterprise of AS9100and NADCAP, and dozens of aviation assembly enterprises have conducted in-depthcommunication with us.

           Through theexhibition, we have a very close contact with famous aircraft interiorcompanies around the world. We also determine firmly to participate in AIX2018.We believe that Flexmetal can make a certain contribution for aviation field throughour professional processing ability and service.

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