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    Our History
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    Shenzhen Flexmetal Industrial Co., Ltd was established in Humen Dongguan. Main products are PC board and epoxy plate.


    The business was changed into sheet metal fabrication, started producing sheet metal box



    The factory moved to Gongming Shenzhen, started fabricating indoor sheet metal cabinet, and got the import&export license at the same year.


    Added one more business of outdoor sheet metal cabinet with water proof performance, which reflected our improving quality request of our products.


    Added electronic assembly business, which combine sheet metal with electronic components to upgrade our product structure.


    Build MES & BEAS system, Gradually stepping to lean production, improve management efficiency to fullfill the preparation for Company Strategic Transition.


    Imported CNC Lathe equipment, to carry out  precision machining business. Thus, we have three core businesses: Sheet metal, Machining and Electronic assembly, then we can meet overall customer request.


    We got the aerial AS9100 certification, and commenced Nadcap aerial special craft audit training, took the first step to aeronautical manufacture.


     Shanghai FLEXTECH Technology Co.,Ltd was founded as a branch, which is planned to support customers in east China and sample development; proposed to bulid carbon fiber production line.

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